Friday, November 6, 2009

Hints for the GTH

Here you will find hints for the Thanksgiving Hunt incase you are having a bit of trouble finding the hat on your own. Not all shops will have hints.

#2 Keyz to My Heart - Careful where you step

#60 Palais - Sleeping Beauty

#62 Boxwood - They started in China

#76 LnL Square - Have a seat and enjoy the sunset!

#80 .:PdC:. - Hint sign at the entrance

#92 - QQ Creations - Devil Girl Designs - This hat was feeling a bit BLUE and felt the need for some PRIVACY

#106 SLACY's - Let Candles light your way

#112 Park Place Home Decor - Sitting here so comfy cozy
Beside a fire nice and rosy
Underneath a lovely duck
Who wishes you a lot of luck

#125 Pimp My Newbie - Well where else would a hat be?

1 comment:

  1. I am very disappointed by how few hints there are. It has made the hunt quite tedious.